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Field entrance preparing for driveway.

Excavating for hardcore drive.

Driveway to car park completed.

Car park hardcored to prevent sinking.

Tarmac chip topping.

New driveway/car park finished.

Excavating footpaths.

Footpaths being layed.

240 metre footpath complete.

2012 floods erroding banks away.

Original overflow underwater.

Using extracted car park soil to
build up lake side banks.

Clearing out overflow ditch.

Digging new secondary overflow.

New overflow working efficiently.

Building new Willow Pool swim.

Shipping materials to the new swims.

Swims complete and wood chipped.

Swims ready for planting.

Still overgrown and untouched in places.

Scenic, picturesque and tranquil.

After all the hard work has been completed now in June 2013 its looking fantastic and overgrown again.

Field entrance driveway.

Homemade signs.

Car park blending in now.

Much nicer now the leaves are out.

My seating area.

Stone footpaths settling in.

Snag feeding areas.

Lilly pad swim.

240 metre footpath looking blending in now.

New overflow complete.

New signs.

Path to first Woodpool swim.


Looks overgrown again.

Path to second Woodpool swim.

Snaggy overhangs.

Path to Willow Pool swim.

Second Woodpool swim 'Boathouse'.

Log wind breaks doing the job.

Woodpools third swim 'Island' swim.

Island swim view.

Trees Planted.

Stone paths finished.

Path to Willowpool.

Woodpool back pool.

Leaving Woodpool to get to Willowpool.

Looking down Woodpool.

Channel at the back of the Woodpool island.

Stalking spot.

Hello Willowpool.

Woodpool is behind the Willowpool swim.

Woodpool stalking spot.

Willowpool swim looking south.